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About Our Parish

Dress Code

The majestic Presence of our God is in the Blessed Sacrament. Therefore, our Parish requires a modest, decent, and proper attire. Traditional Catholics wear their best clothes to Sunday Mass.

If you were to meet a celebrity or someone of great importance, you would want to look your best. Christ is the MOST important celebrity! Dress like He is! 


Please wear a veil or other head covering. Wear a dress or skirt that falls below the knee when sitting. Sleeveless blouses should be covered. 


Please refrain from wearing sports clothes or athletic shoes to Sunday Mass. Collared shirts and jackets are highly recommended. Ties encouraged, but not obligatory. Also, when Mass is in session, please take off your hats or other head coverings.


Flip-flops & jeans (torn or not) are disrespectful and therefore unacceptable.


For more information visit this web page and you may print this form out if necessary. 


Guests and visitors are always welcome at Our Lady of Victory Parish. Remember, SSPX (Society of Saint Pius X) Priests are missionaries and not parish Priests. Pope Francis has granted SSPX Priests the faculty to hear confessions validly in the Extraordinary form. We pray for our Pope and our Bishop during every celebrated Mass.  



Holy Communion

As Traditional Catholics, we receive Holy Communion on the tongue and not in the hand. Please remember that reception of Holy Communion is reserved for baptized Catholics who are in the state of Sanctifying Grace (meaning without mortal sin) and who have already fasted one hour before receiving.  

To receive Holy Communion if you are not a practicing Catholic or if you are in mortal sin is a very grave matter. It is sacrilege among the gravest and most heinous of offenses against the Merciful Love of Our Blessed Lord.

If one is not certain of the state/condition of his soul, he must follow the norm of Mother Church: When in doubt, do without. One may not fall back on the false but common conviction that one may make an act of "perfect contrition," receive Holy Communion, and then go to Confession. That is still a great sacrilege. 


For more information CLICK HERE

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